Student blogs

What?  Your own blog.  For whom? Yourself and the general reader.

Purpose? Primarily, to reflect occasionally on ideas, passages and observations that arise from your work in this class, or from elsewhere sometimes.  Also, therefore, to record your thoughts as the course progresses.  Think of the following phrase, as you consider what to post: lit matters.

Shape?  Write freely but clearly, using complete sentences.  Be mindful of the course’s “basic principles,” since your blog is open to the public.

I ask everyone to use WordPress for this blog.  If you wonder why, please ask.  Thank you.

Links to everybody’s blog:


Natalie  Graham  Katie  Lucy  Sydney  Emma  Sarah L  Janie  Kat  Ashley  Mary Beth  Julia  Maggie  Meredith  Jake  Ziggy

Kate C  Tripp  Chloe  Ryan  William  Rhett  Callie  Sarah M  Charlie  Molly  Elizabeth  Harrison  Kennedy  Lexi  Shay  Kate W


Jake  Max  Dylan  Keillor  Grace  Ryan N.  Andee  Austin  Ryan S.  Cole  Caroline  Lane  Emmanuel

Cade  Mollie  Matt  Ben  James  Russell  Cameron  Ross  Lexie  Kaitlyn  Chase  Taylor  Sarah  Isabelle  Annabel  Katherine  Elizabeth  Patterson


Steve  Chris C.  Talia  Hannah  Saaleha  Kat  Andrew  Hailey  Alex B.  Helaina  Jack  Riley  Allie  Brent  Ken

Max  Sara  Harris  Trevor  Addie  Peyton  Aaliyah  Jackson  Elizabeth  Michael  Reese   Sydney

Joanna  Sarah Kate  Greyson  Alexandria  Brendan  Grant  Sam  John  Ben  Kendall  Chris M


Alexandra  Anna Parks  Rachel  Caroline  Annie  Sarah  Megan  Callie  Ansley  Connor B    Preston  Connor D  Joe  Mark  Mary-Mac  Atia  Brittany

Maria  Lizzie  Nate  Michael  Kylie  Caroline  Lily  Mary Harris  Claire  Samantha  Stuart  Connor M  Spencer  Ladd  Carter  Preston


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