raw materials

These materials enable some of the exercises in the “list of possibilities” page.


Beowulf Study Questions (to guide your reading)


Bio Weekly Schedule April 2018

book titles.rev. 2017

Biography Unit Weekly Schedule April 2016

Biographical unit, course design Feb 2013, revised Feb 2018

Biography Project interview sheet Feb 2015

Biographical unit, recommendations Feb 2013

Senior Biography Choices April 2013

Presentation ideas April 2013

Presentation Rubric Template April 2014


PDF instructions

short writing rubric

Regular Reflection.Beowulf & Old English Poetry.Oct Nov 2014

content writing rubric.Mar 2012


model exam responses.Dec 2016 (two for each essay)

model hamlet paper. A. Nov 2016 (interpreting character)

model hamlet paper. B. Nov 2016 (interpreting character)

model hamlet paper. C. Nov 2016 (interpreting character)

model hamlet paper. D. Nov 2016 (interpreting character)

model exam responses. Dec 2015

model poem and PDF. Fall 2015

samples of pdf and original poem

student model. sound paragraph. Fall 2013

tone essay. student sample 1. August 2012

student model paragraphs (Jan 2013)

student model paragraph. Hamlet’s two sides (Feb 2013)

student model exam responses. Dec 2013

student models. Beowulf 700. Nov 2013


genuine-or-pretense worksheet (2.2.278-292)

dumb show reflection


Poetry Out Loud (general description and video of 2015 winner)

Poetic Tools. Approved List. Dec exam 2013


Shakespeare in Bits: siblive.shakespeareinbits.com (u/n HIES, p/w H7v32wL9)

sequencing spying (Hamlet 2.1.1-2.2.165) list of passages for jumble puzzle. Feb 2014

two war poems.yeats.owen

class notes (google doc)

general writing prompts, for story or essay (google doc)

background on, and other poems by, Louise Bogan, author “Medusa”

audio recording of Louise Bogan reading her poem, “Medusa”

monologue for a millipede (w/color & comment)

Dickinson Fly Poem

poetry terms for review (Dec 2012)

exam wording (Dec 2012)

Dec exam with commentary (Jan 2013)

student survey results Feb 2013 (B Brown summary)

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