due Tue Apr 18: second blog post (add image, with citation)

Use this second blog post to follow-up on ideas introduced in your first post.  For example, are you detecting answers to any of the questions you carried into the reading?  Has the story surprised you yet?  Has the book started moving in unexpected directions, offered noteworthy insights, or uncovered new questions?

Find, or create, an image that somehow captures–either literally or figuratively–the main idea(s) in this second post.  For example, see mine below–on the theme of seeing things from a distance.


agenda T/W Apr 11/12: blog refining and reading

learning goal: how can I refine my blog to make it most reader-friendly and reader-engaging?  what can I learn about these features formatting classmates’ blog post?


finish publishing your first blog post

read at least two different posts from each of the two senior sections

for at least one post from each section, leave a thoughtful comment (that points out to the author something memorable or meaningful in the post); for guidance on writing such comments, feel free to review some of last year’s posts and comments (my comments appear for almost all of those posts from last year)

I may use ten minutes to highlight commendations and recommendations for particular blogs.  Otherwise, the remainder of class time is available for reading.

While you read, I will start building the schedule of presentations that begin later this month.


The goal this week is to make sure you have finished reading Frankenstein and started reading your chosen auto/biography/memoir.  If you have yet to email me a selfie or a functional blog link, make that your first order of business in today’s class (Apr 3/4).

Otherwise, proceed with the reading that fits your particular circumstances. The first blog post will be due Monday, April 10–whether your class meets that day or not.  Between then and now, review several introductory posts from last year’s seniors–to get a sense of what this first post is meant to do.  They are available on the Student Blogs page of this course blog.  Identify a range of posts, so that you know what strong and not-so-strong examples look like.  Infer the several criteria produced by your review.

Once you have a draft of your first post (200-400 words), ask a classmate or two for feedback before you publish it on your blog.  We will use class time at the start of next week to read and comment on each other’s first published posts.

agenda Th/F Mar 30/1: projects work

in class today (Th/F Mar 30/1), work towards any of these approaching deadlines:


Fri Mar 31: email bio pic to bill.brown@hies.org (subject line: bio pic)

Mon Apr 3: finish reading FRKNSTN

Mon/Tue Apr 3/4: email functional blog link to bill.brown@hies.org (subject line: blog link)

remember all of M/T class will be available for completing this task; link due by end of M/T class

agenda F/M Mar 24/7: layers of stories in FRANKENSTEIN

learning goal: which strand of Shelley’s novel draws you in most strongly?  why this one?

Whichever option you (or your small group) choose, by the end of today’s class email your response (subject line: Volume 2 options) to bill.brown@hies.org.

(option A) at start of class keep reading, and–in last 15-20 minutes–pick up and instruction sheet from front of room

(option B, pick one) at start of class, choose sheet and respond correspondingly; after sending email, continue reading towards Monday’s goal (Volume 2)

exercise: literature / mythology / Paradise Lost

exercise: technology / science / modern invention with harmful unintended consequences

exercise: society / ethics / today’s stories about two terrorists (London and American-JCC bomb threats)