basic principles

In our studies, we will regularly return to these essential questions:

  1. Where do we find struggle—external and internal?
  2. Where do we see monsters or demons? (What makes them so?)
  3. What influences our responses to these struggles and demons?

Ideally, your actions in and out of class, individually and collectively, are rooted in the school’s four main pillars: love of learning, respect for self and others, faith in God, service to the world community.

In other words, I trust that, and will do my best to see that, you enjoy our study together–not everything, but much of it.  Your words, both spoken and written, need to respect the individual worth of each person in the course, including yourself.  The idea of  individual human worth lies at the heart of the world’s major religious traditions, including the Episcopal church, to which this school is officially connected.  Lastly, how can we act on our learning by serving people other than ourselves?

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