a list of possibilities

This is a working list of possible exercises for our class–assignments both large and small, creative and analytical.  As the course advances, we can draw from and add to this list, which makes it a “working list.”

At present, the order of this list has minimal meaning, if any.  The exercise numbers merely allow easy reference.  The categories–for now just POETRY and PROSE–indicate the form of your writing, rather than the subject of the exercise.




1. Write an original story or essay, from one of the general writing prompts.

2. What do you like about Louise Bogan’s “Medusa” (Kennedy/Gioia 245)?  What about it interests you?  Explain your answer clearly enough for readers to understand your attraction to the poem.  (If it helps, consider poetic elements like sounds, images and metaphors.)



1. On YouTube post an original 2-3′ video made by you and one or two classmates–a video that presents an analogy between writing and some other process–for example, writing and gardening.  Film the video “on location,” with background suggesting the other process–for example, in a garden.

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