Everyone expected to email paragraph-descriptions of top three choices with fourth paragraph explaining current leanings. See guidelines below*. (Fri Mar 23)

CAUTION: CLEARLY CITE ANY INFORMATION IN YOUR EMAIL THAT YOU QUOTE FROM ANOTHER SOURCE.  Unless indicated otherwise, content in a personal email is assumed to be orgininal with the author.

Individual choices finalized and books in hand by end of March. (Thu Mar 29)

Individual reading begins in April, typically during class. (Wed Apr 4)

Presentations begin in second half of April. Presentation instructions forthcoming. (Mon Apr 16)

*guidelines for paragraph-descriptions email:

This email has four paragraphs. You and I are the audience for this writing because you are naming and explaining your top three choices Each of the first three paragraphs names the title and author, along with a brief description of the book. Each paragraph also explains your interest in this book. The fourth paragraph names your current top choice and specifically why it attracts you more than the other two. I ask everyone to email this writing (“top bio choices”), regardless of circumstances. The goal is to increase people’s confidence with their final choice.