For this post, I invite you to consider the general topic of TRUST–partly because of the play PROOF.  Some have said that the issue of whom, or how, or when to trust emerges as a secondary theme in the play.  If you accept this invitation, feel free to tie it firmly to particulars in the play itself, or loosely to ideas that come to you after reading, seeing and analyzing the play. (Remember that what you have seen is a film adaptation of the play.  It adds and omits scenes from the original script.  Keep this in mind, as you make references to specific scenes, dialogue, or details.)

If you have another idea to write about in this Nov/Dec blog post, you can connect it to any pieces of our first-semester reading, even if you have discussed one of these pieces in your previous post.  Find a topic that matters to you, and likely matters to other people. In one of my blog posts from last year, which addresses seniors’ thinking about school and learning, I made the distinction between “what counts” in school and “what matters” to students, especially seniors.  This second blog post of yours is a chance to write about something that matters. Feel free to address issues you see in current events, or ones you here being discussed in the social circles you navigate, whether or not the issue clearly links to one of our readings.

Finally, challenge yourself to attach an image to your post–one that either literally or figuratively represents a significant idea in your post.  Have fun with the possibilities.  If you want ideas about how to do this, review your classmates’ October posts.  They show a variety of possibilities.

Deadline for this Nov/Dec post: Wed Dec 13