10:20 – 11:10 E  
11:15 – 12:05 F

learning goal: what are several significant differences between key facets of Robert Walton’s and Victor Frankenstein’s personalities? what is a character foil?

step 1: arrange in assigned groups (TBA)

step 2: individually, create one slide that represents a key facet of your assigned character’s personality with only these two ingredients:

(a) an image that metaphorically or symbolically represents a key facet of the character

(b) a corresponding sentence from your text (with page number)

step 3: with partners, check each other’s slide for clarity and effectiveness

step 4: individual presentations to whole group, alternating between characters

if time allows, make at least one note somewhere on the inside of your bookmark

hmwrk: poem due by next class–i.e., Poetry Day, Wed Sep 6