learning goal: what biographies, autobiographies, memoirs interest me most?  why these?

TIME to start thinking about the Biography Project–by individually completing the interview sheet distributed in class*

for homework, finish reading Hamlet (from 5.1.180), using Shakespeare in Bits (login info on class page/announcements)

  • Biography Unit Interview Questions, February 2017

What sorts of topics interest you for this project? What kind of life would you enjoy reading about? Why?

Have you ever read any biographies, memoirs or autobiographies about people connected to any of these topics? If so, what book(s) have you read, and how did you like it (them)?

From your own early research, do you have any particular titles in mind for this project? If so, what draws you to these books? What do you know about them?

What do you find rewarding and/or challenging about reading books? Besides those assigned for school, how often do you read books—either during school or during vacations, including summer?


if interested, preview this “letter to seniors” from an earlier year