learning goals: in how many ways is the tension building?  or how many different tensions are intensifying?

(groups of 3): Hamlet distances himself from R & G: 3.2.269-336 (p.128, #1)

together aloud

H plays with P

H: now to my mother (speak daggers yet use none)


C –> R&G:  take him to England, get him out of here, he’s dangerous (I like him not)

P–> C: I’ll hide behind the curtain, while he talks to his mother

(groups of 3) C:  O my offence is rank (Claudius confronts his conscience) (p.136, #1a)

(on stage) The Prince is poised, but hesitates (why?)

(film) son confronts mother, speaking daggers (Act 3 Scene 4)