learning goal: how do internal conflicts intensify?

ten twitter minutes–reply, favorite, retweet, etc.

journal entry: using Mr. Brown’s states-of-mind sheet, explain which two of these states of mind seem most in conflict with each other.  How do you think this conflict will intensify, before the play resolves it?

read aloud together:

2.1.1-72  Polonius tells Reynaldo to spy on Laertes, and to lie if he must

73-118  Ophelia fearfully recounts Hamlet’s strange behavior  (esp. ll. 85-98, improv)

2.2.1-39  Claudius & Gertrude ask R&G to spy on Hamlet (and his strange behavior)

40-85  Polonius announces ambassador and says he knows why Hamlet acts strange

86-186  Polonius explains what he has figured out, and proposes a plan to spy on Hamlet

J: how much of this spying do you think Hamlet suspects or overhears?