learning goal: what Hieronymus Bosch image best captures the world of Hamlet’s Ghost?

The Ghost’s Condition

  1. What is the most striking Bosch image that echoes the condition of King Hamlet’s ghost?
  2. What specific elements make you choose this image?
  3. What line or lines from the play best match the feeling evoked by this image?
  4. How does this image affect your thinking about
    1. Prince Hamlet’s situation?
    2. the overall play so far?


Send an email to a member of the D block class.  In the body of this email (subject line: the world of Hamlet’s Ghost), write a paragraph that weaves answers to all four questions. Be sure to (a) include a link to the chosen image and (b) copy Mr. Brown on your email (bill.brown@hies.org).

The idea for this exercise comes from page 44 of our Hamlet text.

The spirit of this exercise is to help others appreciate what King Hamlet’s Ghost is enduring as the play opens.  Since you, the F block class, have an extra session, I’m asking that you share your new understanding and the image with someone in the other class.  On their behalf, thank you.