By the start of this class, submit to TURNITIN your essay about what you know, based on the Brexit post from maroonballoon.

form: essay (500-1000 words)

audience: peers, general readers

purpose: to communicate aspects of this something that you find exciting, intriguing, challenging, satisfying, or rewarding


Keep in mind these questions: What do you want to say? Why does it matter or mean something to you?  Why might it mean something to someone else, too?


If this additional guide helps, please use it.

What is something you know in a way similar to the Bedouins of the Sahara and the sheep farmers of northern England?

To decide, ask yourself questions like these:

Compared to other people, what do I have “extensive knowledge” of or experience with? (For example, I know how to, or I know about, etc.)

What place, process, activity, or experience do I “know with a degree of accuracy”?

What is something I know well enough to “understand the bones of it” and to “navigate the detail”?

What is a place, process or experience I know well enough that I could—literally or figuratively—“go just about anywhere” and “usually know” what I am doing?

If I think of a place, process, or experience as a “complex web of relationships,” what do I know especially well?








examples: I know how to make a clay pot on a wheel, I know New York City, I know the trombone, I know a smart play in soccer when I see it, I know how to make more with less












a million leaves / alive in the wind, and what do we know?   Wendell Berry