Wed A / 8:30

Wed D / 11:45

Thu E / 10:30

learning goals: In my auto/biography or commonplace book, what main ideas am I finding that I did not expect to find?  Are answers to my initial questions emerging from my work on this project?  How can I best communicate these ideas and answers to others in some kind of “presentation”?  In other words, how can I help them appreciate what I have come to understand?

brief explanation of presentation and corresponding rubric (on the “Raw Materials” page of this course blog, review “presentation ideas” and “presentation rubric template”

You are expected to customize your own rubric from the template–by inserting categories (criteria) and brief descriptions of that category in the far lefthand column.  At least a day before you present, show me your customized rubric for review.  On the day of the presentation, distribute three copies of the approved rubric–two for classmates and one for me.  We will independently complete the rubric, with brief comments explaining our evaluation.  All completed rubrics then come to me for determining a consensus score.


TIME to read, write and prepare (presentations start next week)

presenting next class:  Allie, Brent (Mon Apr 18);  Greyson (Tue Apr 19)