By the end of the day–not the academic day, but the twenty-four-hour day–please have published your next post for this project.

In this first post following your introduction, focus the writing on a particular idea or question.  You have already set several questions to consider as you read.  Use one of these as a lens for your early reading.  Any rumblings of an answer lurking in the opening pages of your book?  Or, what surprising idea, theme or thread runs through the reading you have done so far?

To help focus this next post, include an image that somehow captures the idea or question at the center of your writing.  The image could be literal or figurative.

A post focused on an idea or question differs from a summary of your reading.  Avoid a summary, which is a piece that basically reports highlights.  It’s like a book report from your elementary-school days: this happens, and then this happens, then this eventually happens.

Below are links to posts from one of my blogs.  I hope they give you ideas about how to focus your next post, and what kinds of images might capture that focus.

meditation on memory

laryngitis, bronchitis, senioritis