Mon 8:30 / A block

Mon 11:45 / D block

Tue 10:30 / E block

learning goal: Does one core struggle govern all others in the novel?  Or is the novel a collection of valuable themes that operate separately, without contributing to a single, all-encompassing argument?

Spend the period independently composing an essay response to one of the questions on the sheet distributed during class.
By the end of the period, return the sheet with your name on it—whether or not you have finished writing.

If you have finished your essay during class, submit it to TURNITIN (Frankenstein essay). If you have not finished it, submit the complete essay to TURNITIN by the end of the day (midnite). BEGINNING OF NEXT CLASS.

***BE SURE to submit your essay on the prescribed template. I expect you to work independently on this project, but make extra sure you acknowledge any source(s) other than yourself that are responsible for ideas or details in your essay.***