By the start of your first class the week of Jan 19, finish reading Mary Shelley’s novel and post a comment on reading colors for Volume 3, according to the instructions below, which also appear in my only Volume 3 readingcolors post.

For this section of the online discussion (Volume 3), please start your comment with CAPITAL LETTERS in one of two ways: “NEW THREAD” or “COMMENT ON.”

For example, if you want to introduce a NEW THREAD, begin with those two words and add  a brief title of your idea.  Here’s how that might look:  NEW THREAD: TECHNOLOGY AS MASTER.

If you are the one introducing a new thread, your complete entry looks like this

NEW THREAD, TECHNOLOGY AS MASTER:  On page 131, the creature says, ” You are my creator, but I am your master;–Obey!”  This reminds me of modern technology and the myriad ways in which it has become our master.  Does anyone else see this parallel, and if so what is a particularly salient modern example?

Once you pick the new thread to which you want to respond, begin your reply to my original post (VOLUME 3. student threads) with these  words:

COMMENT ON TECHNOLOGY AS MASTER:  then start writing your comment

Let’s see how this goes.  The goal is to offer a new discussion thread.  Conceive of and phrase your idea in a way that encourages discussion. At the same time, avoid an overly broad statement that leaves readers wondering what exactly they are discussing.  Provide just enough context and explanation to start a productive discussion.

Remember that we need a balance of new threads and comments on the ideas.  Before you post, review what’s been already been written, so that you can sustain or introduce momentum where needed.