Given the exam format*, which includes an essay about Beowulf and current events, I recommend you make a two-column table about what makes a monster.

In the left column list adjectives that describe someone/something that is somehow monstrous.  In the right-hand column opposite each adjective copy lines that support the adjective.  Include line numbers, so that you can later refer to these lines.

For example, on my table I would include the adjective “cruel.”  Across from this moniker, I would copy these lines: “So Grendel waged his lonely war, / inflicting constant cruelties on the people, / atrocious hurt.” (164-6)



50% essayBeowulf and today (at least 4 paragraphs (one being an intro); each body paragraph contains at least one quote from Beowulf)

        e.g., ” . . . a click away” (NYT 09 Dec 15: A1); GA executes GA citizen

25% paragraph: Poetry

        use poetic terms to analyze a poem of rebellion–e.g., Shelley’s “Ozymandias”

25% paragraph: Nobel profile

     pursuing science & revising writing: what have you learned, or come to respect about either process  OR  I used to think, but now I think