Thu A / 8:30

Thu D / 11:45

Fri E / 10:30

learning goal: What are the main (7-10) events in the plot of the first thousand lines in Beowulf ? In which lines do answers to our Essential Questions lurk?

add these terms to our list of poetic tools: lyric poems, narrative poems, epic poems; stress, caesura, accentual meter

ind) on front of sheet, map 7-10 basic plot events in first thousand lines

grp) on back of sheet, make consensus map of 7-10 basic plot events, leaving space between each one for line citations and brief notes

grp) under each plot point, cite brief sets of lines (5 ll. max) that reveal, directly or indirectly, answer to  at least one of our course’s Essential Questions*

grp) be prepared to explain your line citations, and to submit a completed sheet from a randomly selected member of the group

*Essential Questions: How do we handle struggle, external and internal?  Where do we see demons or monsters, and what makes them so?  What influences our responses to these demons and struggles?