Wed D / 11:45

Wed A / 1:50

Thu E / 1:50

learning goal: how can I improve the clarity, specificity and development of my PDF, with the help from a classmate? What specific instructions can I provide for my editor?

setting for BEOWULF

collect completed rubric from anyone planning to revise the tone-analysis paragraph

editing and re-submitting time (30′) — cultural,linguistic, geographical background for Beowulf (first twelve minutes of episode 42)

listening to the translator read the opening Beowulf

HW: by class next week (Thu/Fri) read the first 1000 lines of the poem, keeping track (e.g., by taking notes) of how the characters would answer our course’s essential questions:

How do we handle struggle–external and internal?

Where do we see demons or monsters, and what makes them so?

What influences our responses to these demons and struggles?