submit your original poem to TRNTN before your next class


This assignment is based lines in a poem by American writer, William Carlos Williams.

It is difficult
to get the news from poems
		yet men die miserably every day
				for lack
of what is found there.

If you choose this option, find a current news article that prompts a response in you.  Take any small or large aspect of this story as a starting point for your poem.  Remember that the speaker need not be you.  For example, it could be someone involved in the situation you read about.  The news story can be local, regional, national, international.  Keep in mind the spirit of Williams’ line, namely that poems can carry valuable insights or phrasings, or both.  Poems invite readers to view someone or something in a revealingly new way.


This option has a more abstract starting point, but be careful to ground your poem in concrete imagery.  If you stay at the abstract level, you will likely lose your audience.  This poem addresses some combination of freedom and confinement.  The mixture of these two forces is up to you.  We might, for example, only see a hint of one or the other.

choose one of the above options, in order to make a poem of at least fifteen lines

rhyme or no rhyme is up to you; same holds true for meter