Wed A / 8:30

Wed D / 11:45

Thu E / 8:30

learning goal: what does concrete imagery look like? or taste, smell, sound or feel like?

OVERVIEW of coming attractions:

analysis of tone in two war poems by Yeats and Owen (full-group)

analysis of tone in two confinement poems by Wordsworth and Brooks (small-group)

original composition: PAN poem w/ PDF; or confinement/freedom poem w/ PDF

WARM-UP: concrete imagery (by sense-groups)–things that constrain, restrain, constrict, restrict,  hem in, box in, hold back, confine, etc.

EXERCISE: tapping poems with matrix (cf. Maj. J. Borling video)

ANALYSIS of two war poems (start in pods, expand to full group); use glossary of poetic terms to identify how each poem establishes its tone