bring to this class a printed single-sheet draft of your Nobel profile that includes most recent edits.  Staple the new, single-page profile atop the two previous drafts–one marked up in class last week and the subsequent draft marked up by Mr. Brown)

Also bring your completed “what does it mean” sheet

Guidelines for these two tasks

NPP profile: single-page, single-space; remove our in-house template (with pledge-header and acknowledgment-footer); 12-pt. font for main text, 8 pt. for bottom two lines.  Use the following general format for your two bottom lines.

Written by Bill Brown. Reviewed by Dr. Shihyun You, Dr. David Lambert and Dr. Teresa Cook.

Primary source: Full citations available on request (

“What does it mean” sheet

complete the sheet with infinitives–e.g., to jump, to cook, to sing loudly