learning goal: Hamlet will not be played–how he shows this

“They are coming to the play”  3.2.80  THRU “Give me some light”  3.2.244 and 3.2.264  (film clip of the players’ performance)

the following two scenes are read in groups of 4; after each reading, generate two observations about character and two questions on the same subject

Come, the recorders!  3.2.245 ff.  (Hamlet confronts R&G after seeing Claudius’s reaction to the play) Hamlet, R&G, Polonius

I like him not  3.3.1-35 (Claudius worries even more about Hamlet’s motives) Claudius, R&G, Polonius

entry in Hamlet Journal  (TBA)

3.3.36 ff. Claudius soliloquy