Period A 10:00 am-10:30 am
Period B 10:35 am- 11:05 am
Period C 11:10 am-11:40 am
Period D 11:45 pm- 12:15 pm
Period E 12:20 pm-12:50 pm
Common Lunch 12:50 pm-1:35 pm
Period F 1:35 pm- 2:05 pm
Period G 2:10 pm- 2:40 pm

3.1.1-55 read aloud together (Claudius’s objectives?)

take parts and read together; as a group, discuss Claudius’s objectives in this scene; individually send email that provides your answer and at least one quoted line from the scene (email subject: “Claudius’s objective”)

preview 2B or not 2B (3.1.56-90)