learning goal: to understand the connections between the players’ performances and Hamlet’s concerns to situate your interpretation of a monologue alongside two film interpretations

watch both film versions of “what a piece of work is man” monologue (Jacobi, 1980; Branagh, 1996)

journal entry: which version comes closest to the interpretation you explained in last week’s paragraph?  what details make you choose this one?

then continue with Branagh production up to arrival and performance of the players (if time through “O what a rogue” soliloquy, which ends Act Two)
Period D 830 AM-915 AM
Period A 920 AM-1005 AM
Advisory 1005 AM-1020 AM
Period G 1020 AM-1105 AM
Period E 1110 AM-1155 AM
Period B 1200 PM-1245 PM
Lunch 1245 PM-130 PM
Period F 130 PM-215 PM
Period C 220 PM-305 PM