learning goal: begin to see the accumulation of deception and testing in 2.2; be able to cite several instances of such behavior

acting warm-up: clear the chairs to the perimeter; choose a partner; one of you is Ophelia and the other Hamlet; as Ophelia reads the description of Hamlet’s visit to her room (2.1.75-82 and 85-98), Hamlet enacts each detail of the description, ending with Hamlet’s exit out the hallway door.  The teacher/proctor picks two pair of actors to show their performance to the whole group.

with the aid of Shakespeare in Bits, and a partner, if you wish, read through 2.2.303.

During the reading, use the spying table to record which characters are pretending, what they are pretending, where and why.

After you have reached 2.2.303, review Hamlet’s monologue, “I will tell you why” (2.2.278-292) and take notes (in your “Hamlet” Journal”) of your thinking about this question:  How sincere is Hamlet, and how much is he performing for his audience during this monologue?