learning goal: What are Hamlet’s separate thoughts in his first soliloquy?  or “What would a contemporary conversation among Polonius’s family look like?

Option A: With a partner, on the sheet and without your book, clearly divide Hamlet’s soliloquy (“O that this too too solid flesh” 1.2.129-159) into as many separate thoughts as possible.  Assign a number to each separate thought.  On the back, next to each number write the corresponding particular thought (as a complete sentence) and Hamlet’s specific emotion that accompanies that thought.  Both you and your partner keep your own sheet.  On yours, write your partner’s name next to yours, with your name’s being the underlined one.  Submit your sheets when done.

Option B: With one or two partners, read aloud 1.3 and begin outlining a contemporary improvisation of the scene.  Paraphrase the language of the scene in colloquial (everyday) speech and make up a parallel situation in which the words make sense.  Eventually, you can perform the improv as if it were happening today.*

Option C: TBA

* adapted from Folger Shakespeare Library’s Shakespeare Set Free