Sorry I can’t be with you today.  In my absence, please read the agenda below, in order to start exploring possible book titles for the independent biography project that will close out the year in April and May.  Reading your own book about a life that interests you seems like a fun way to finish.  HI Seniors piloted this project two years ago, and it has worked well enough to continue this year.


Towards the end of this semester, each of you will choose your own biography/memoir/autobiography to read and present.  Soon I will explain the origin of this project.  For now, take a look at this overview of the unit: biography unit overview.

Also, begin thinking about the questions below.  Later this month, I will start interviewing each of you about your early interests for this project.  To that interview, you will bring a completed copy of this sheet.


Biography Unit Interview Questions, January 2015

What sorts of topics interest you for this project? About what kind of life would you enjoy reading?

Have you ever read any biographies, memoirs or autobiographies about people connected to any of these topics? If so, what book(s) have you read, and how did you like it (them)?

From our early resources and your own research, do you have any particular titles in mind for this project? If so, what draws you to these books?   What do you know about them?

What do you find rewarding and/or challenging about reading books? Besides those assigned for school, how often do you read books—either during school or during vacations, including summer?