After having read only a few of your inaugural blogs posts, I am excited to read more  –for several reasons.

1. The images, both made and found, are already showing promise.  The ones I have seen spark interest in the writing, and show wonderful creativity in their own right.

2. A quick review of titles and content shows you are responding just as I had hoped.  In other words, you are accepting the invitation to express your unique self.  People, especially people lucky enough to be seniors in high school, need to communicate who they are at the core, how they differ from anyone else, what special insights they possess.  Keep at it.  We all are the richer and wiser for your clear expression.

3. I hope, and am beginning to see, that quality literature gives you potent fuel for thought.  Keep digging, reflecting and adapting.

4. In these writings, be yourself, as clearly and convincingly as you can.  Proofread, and then ask a blogging buddy to proofread, so that you give readers a polished piece to consider.