learning goal: what specific angle on the topic of “Modern Monsters” might resonate most with me and readers of my blog?

continue the early stages of shaping your blog’s look and organization

if you have not yet, submit an index card with your name and your blog’s URL

start drafting a post in response to this topic:

Modern Monsters: what Beowulf teaches us about today’s terrors

once you have your post drafted (300-400 words, but feel free to move beyond this limit, if you need/want to), create your own title for the post

I encourage you to find an image to accompany the post.

Finally, I encourage you to use WordPress’s “Request Feedback” feature with a blogging buddy.

In today’s class, you are simply starting to draft this your first post–ideally a piece that readers will appreciate for its clarity, insight or challenge.

See these two posts as examples: Ms. Chesser’s post about action, understanding and literature; Mr. Brown’s post about the homework and history