learning goal: what is one observation about a particular demon or pattern among demons that is worth exploring further?

complete crowd-sourced “3 Demons” table

In order to make observations worth exploring further:

download table, then start rearranging cells to create new combinations across particular rows–for example, re-arrange column GM or D to read vertically in order of passages’ appearance; or align similar essential qualities across all three monsters

use the far-right column or the bottom row to record observations, then start selecting observations that especially interest you–in light of Tolkien’s claim that these three monsters are “essential, fundamentally allied to the underlying ideas of the poem”

After the first half hour of class, you will have the rest of the time to write a prospectus--that is, a developed paragraph that explains the observation you want to explore further and why.  This further exploration will happen in an essay.  What idea would you like to pursue in that essay?  As a guideline, use the “11-sentence” format to organize your prospectus.  Within this structure, provide three different reasons for pursuing this observation and its significance to the overall poem.  As  you compose this prospectus, consider the “open question” below.

By midnight today (Wed), submit your prospectus paragraph to TURNITIN.

BE SURE to submit the paragraph on the prescribed template–the one with a default header-pledge and footer-acknowledgment.


 Open question: What about the humans in this story?  For example, do any of them show monstrous qualities?  What primarily motivates/inspires/guides them?  As you consider this question, make a list of major human characters in the poem.