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learning goal: to identify significant links between prior and new knowledge about sonnets and poems that address contemporary news stories

Opening exercise with Beowulf (TBA)

The rest of the class is available for you to work on the following assignments.  Take the time you need to do these thoughtfully and clearly.

Context for this week’s remaining assignments:

Two pieces of writing are due between now and Friday midnight: revised PAN poem and PDF (by Wed midnight) and Regular Reflection (by Friday midnight).* Before starting to compose your Regular Reflection, consult this List of Learning Goals for the unit on sonnets and the PAN Project.  Use this list and your Poetry Workbook as touchstones for your reflections on the unit.

You are expected to compose the Regular Reflection entirely on your own.  Though you have received feedback on other recent writings, in this case do your own proofreading.  Be sure to submit this Regular Reflection on the prescribed template with default header and footer.

One piece of reading is due by Friday’s class: pages ix-xxii of Heaney’s introduction to Beowulf.  Mark margins with questions about words, sentences or ideas.


*Keep in mind that I will assess both of these pieces with the “short writing rubric” that uses these three criteria: clear (50%), specific (25%) and developed (25%).