Begin brainstorming subjects and couplets for your own ghazal, keeping in mind the traditional form, mood and subject matter.

As part of this brainstorming, on the paper copy in your Poetry Workbook, mark one single overall favorite couplet from anywhere in the five poems.  Be prepared to explain your choice with as much detail as possible.  Consider the special challenges successfully met and the special effects created in that couplet.

As you start considering your composition, remember these basic ingredients:

*pearls on a neckalce

autonomous/independent couplets

matla–opening couplet that sets pattern

qafia–rhyming element, which immediately precedes the radif

radif–refraining element

makhta–closing couplet that includes poet’s name

theme/tone–love, lost love, missing beloved (from qasida, the grandparent form)

5-12 couplets

11-12 syllables per line (hemistiche), or consistent line length

(details from Ali’s Ravishing DisUnities)