review assignments for this Friday–Q & A, etc.

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Brief background to this week’s Persian poetry work


1. Distribute slips of paper, each with one couplet from Hollander’s poem (Ali 5-6).  Each person prepares to recite–from memory–his or her couplet.  Return slips, once you have memorized the couplet.


2. Whole class recites the couplets.


3. In small groups infer basic elements of the this traditional form.


4. As a whole class, reach consensus on basic elements*. (This part needs facilitator and recorder.)


5. If time allows, watch youtube video excerpt of mushaira (Delhi 2013) or interactive mideast empire map. (see embedded video and map link below)


6. Introduce idea of mushaira, to which each participant brings at least one couplet, if not an entire poem in this traditional form.


mideast empire map