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Review my feedback on mechanics of last week’s blog post.

Draft your second blog post, request feedback from a blogging buddy, revise as necessary and publish.

With any time left, continue reading in your book, while also thinking about how to communicate to the group what you have learned from reading about this person.

This google doc includes the schedule of presentations that begin Monday, April 28 and run through Friday, May 9.

Stay tuned for presentation guidelines.  In the meantime, the bottom line is that you have chosen a book that suits your interests and curiosities.  How can you most effectively communicate to your classmates what you have learned from the experience of reading this book?  What memorable thoughts and feelings are you taking from this reading? Why those? How can you give others some sense of the specific impact the reading has had on you?  The means of your communication, as with the choice of book, is up to you.  Find a format that is worth your time and ours–one that treats your subject, yourself and us with respect.