For Monday’s class, draft a post for your personal blog.  In class, you can use the “Request Feedback” feature in WordPress to ask a blogging buddy for grammatical and other feedback.  With that feedback, you revise and publish your post.

Post about what?

Your book, as far as you have read.  After conversations and research, you have chosen to read about a life that interests you.  Given what you have read, what strikes you most?  Why?  Rather than list the various pieces of information you have encountered, focus an idea, aspect or passage that stays with you.  Why does it stay with you? How do you react to it?

This is a reflective writing.  The point is to articulate a meaningful aspect of your reading–for yourself and others.  How has this idea, aspect or passage inspired or challenged you?  What kind(s) of insight does it engender?

Finally, I find that including a symbolic image to represent the focus of my post helps me draw in the energy of my thinking, or draw a circle around it.  Such an image is a key to the post.

Our working schedule of remaining class days appears at this google doc link.


Although this Op-Ed essay is longer than your blog will be, it shows you one man’s reaction to a book he read recently.

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