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First, email me your current auto/biography/memoir thinking.  Specifically, in the BODY of your email (subject line: current bio thoughts), name the author and title of your top three choices.  In a sentence or two, summarize each title’s distinctive content and/or approach.  In a separate conclusion of several sentences, which means more than one or two, help me understand your specific interest in your top choice.  To quote Whitman, from his poem “Wound-Dresser,” “What stays with you latest and deepest?”  In other words, what aspect(s) of this book will sustain you over the course of your reading and presenting?


After you have emailed me, begin composing an “11-sentence” paragraph that develops one of the three sections of the outline you prepared for today.  You choose which section to develop.  (Each section of your outline maps your answer to one of the three questions: What does Hamlet mean by “passion’s slave” when he asks for a friend who is not passion’s slave?  Why does he express this desire?  In the closet scene with Gertrude, does Hamlet ever become passion’s slave, according to your definition?) Once you have finished this writing, submit it to TURNITINon a single document that includes your full, three-section outline first and this developed paragraph second.


BE SURE to submit this single document on the prescribed template, which includes a default pledge-header and acknowledgment-footer.  DEADLINE FOR THIS SUBMISSION IS 4PM TUESDAY, APRIL 1ST.