finish presentations of exercises on pages 136 and 138

Hamlet Journal: How much does Claudius’s soliloquy change or confirm your sympathies for him?  What specific lines from his speech cause this reaction?


Scene: 3.4.1-24, Polonius the Meddler STAGING COMPETITION (Interpretive Question to be answered by your group’s performance: What insight into Hamlet’s character do his actions reveal?)

In small groups, read aloud together the “closet scene”–between Hamlet and his mother Gertrude.

Assign lines to five different Hamlets (see below) with the goal of identifying the most vicious of these five Hamlets.  In other words, which Hamlet comes closest to breaking his promise not to harm Gertrude?  As a group, reach consensus on three reasons this Hamlet is more vicious than any of the other four.

Hamlet 1 (ll. 1-50), Hamlet 2 (53-101), Hamlet 3 (102-137), Hamlet 4 (140-181), Hamlet 5 (182-218)