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Today we start the downhill fall through Hamlet, since the climactic revelation of Claudius’s guilt.  Paraphrasing Prince Hamlet, the play’s the thing that has caught the conscience of the king.

improv–recorder scene

Hamlet Journal (HJ) entry #1: why is Hamlet so incensed at Guildenstern?

read 3.2.337-360 (Hamlet plays Polonius)

read 3.3 (Claudius tells R&G of plan to send Hamlet to England)

entry #2 in Hamlet  Journal: On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being low, rate and explain your sympathy for Claudius.

in small groups, do exercise 1 on page 136–concerning Claudius’s soliloquy: prepare a reading for the class, using one of the first three bullet points and the last one (with a “sense unit”)

if time allows, HJ entry #3–reflect on sympathy for Claudius (unchanged feelings?)