Hamlet Journal #1: If a play is  a mirror held up to human nature, what is this play showing us about ourselves so far?

Hamlet Journal #2: Consider the term “theatre” as applying to any kind of performed pretense for an audience.  In this sense, theatre often intends to test or reveal something about someone else.   People perform on small and large scales.  For example, you might conduct a small piece of theatre for your parents, to test their beliefs or predict their decisions.  Or, on a larger scale, a nation might test international reactions, might conduct military theatre in a neighboring state.  In describing such theatrical performances, whether small or large, Shakespeare often uses the verb “assay,” which means to try, as in to test.  For example, I remember my parents warning me with “You’re trying my patience.”

Entry prompt: Write about a small or large scale theatrical performance that fits this general application of the term “theatre.”

film of players before the king