paragraph topic: relationship between Hamlet’s inner and outer worlds

before starting to draft your paragraph, read this blog post and read/listen to this interview–both contemporary examples of this topic

email me your summary of the relationship in the post and interview (3-5 sentences per item); conclude your email with initial thoughts about the relationship between the worlds inside and outside of Hamlet (email subject line: “inner and outer worlds”)

Either before or during your composing of the Hamlet paragraph, review this paragraph about the power lines, “Seems Madam.”  Among other things, it shows conventional formats for quoting passages from the play.

Special note: BE SURE to compose your paragraph on the template that contains a default pledge/header and acknowledgment/footer–the one you used for the exam.

HW assigned for today

In preparation for an original paragraph, pick three sets of lines from the “Passages of Disorder” collected on this google doc during Friday’s class.  Pick  passages that represent types or levels of disorder that are as different as possible from each other.

Use these passages to outline three different ways in which disorder occurs specifically  in individuals and in Danish society as a whole.

Bring the outline ready-to-use.