Start an email to me ( with the subject label of “exam writing lessons 10F.” If you are in a class other than 10F, replace that part of the subject line with your own grade and section.

In the email, please explain one or two lessons you take away from this week’s review of model student exam responses.  Be as specific as you can, and try to pin your lesson(s) to particular criteria from the rubric sheet on which you have taken notes.  In other words, use those criteria to fit each lesson into a specific category; doing this will help you remember a lesson.

The idea behind this week’s review and today’s email is that we improve our writing by studying strong examples of other people’s work.  I include myself in the “we.”  I love finding stronger, sharper ways of expressing my thoughts and feelings; I want the same  satisfaction for each of you.  Although you send this email to me, you are the main audience; I am secondary.

After you have emailed me, hand in the rubric-sheet of notes, as confirmation; I will return it to you next week.

Once all sheets are in, we will continue the film Elizabeth.