(5′) Individually, review your notes from Monday’s reading of model exam paragraphs, in order to ask yourself these questions:

What specific strength in one of these models teaches you something about writing in general, or your writing in particular? Which one of the rubric’s five criteria best describes the general nature of this strength?

(5′) Together, several volunteers share what they learn from one, or more, of these model paragraphs.

(20′) Individually, read–in their entirety–two of the model exam essays.  With the same sheet you used Monday, make notes about specific lessons you take from either of these model essays, or both.

In Friday’s class, I will ask for an email that explains several lessons you take from these model paragraphs and essays.  Your notes will help you explain these lessons with specific examples.

After the exam-reading session, we will continue the film Elizabeth, starting from the scene of her arrest by her half-sister Queen Mary.