review “exam principles and review exercises”

reply email to Mr. Brown, solving paradox found on pages 170 & 174.  In a direct reply to his most recent email in the ongoing exchange with you, write your response ot the following puzzle.

On page 170, speaking to the crew members who want to return south, Victor essentially tells them, press on.  Specifically, he criticizes them for being men who “shrink away.”  Several moments later, he gives his last advice to Walton: “Seek happiness in tranquility, and avoid ambition” (74).

With these two statements, is he contradicting himself?  If so, how does this behavior match, or not match, your evolving understanding of his character?  If these two statements do not actually contradict each other but only seem so, how do solve the paradox (the apparent contradiction)?  How do you explain these statements’ making sense together?