Finish presentations of creation-story parallels from Tuesday’s class.

From the presentations, connect several thematic threads, then explain (in your notes, in complete sentences) your evolving interpretation of the novel, based on these connections.

Paradise Lost exercise (purpose: to understand elements of this poem, which both Shelley and the creature have read)

OBSERVE: Highlight, underline or otherwise mark footnotes that mention Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost. In the text of that same page, highlight, underline otherwise mark the corresponding sentence(s) of Shelley’s novel.  For example, on page 73, mark the sentence beginning with “Remember, that I am thy creature.”  Finally, wherever possible, also mark the lines from Milton’s poem found in our text’s section called “God, Adam, and Satan” (301 ff.).

CONSIDER: Once all group members have done this for all pertinent pages within the range (73-106), as a group reach consensus on how best to list and categorize the themes of each footnote-text matches.  Each group member needs to end up with his or her own copy of this categorized list.

CREATE: Also as a group, discuss what effect on the overall novel is created by the totality of these references to Milton’s poem.  In other words, how does this totality affect your evolving interpretation of the novel?  In still other words, towards what understanding of the creature and the overall meaning of Shelley’s story does it point you? (Be ready to explain to the whole class the results of your group’s discussion.