20-minute exercise (small-group discussion)

In small groups, turn to the episode of Justine’s trial (57-64).  In the margins of your text for this chapter, write page numbers that represent passages from earlier in Volume I that connect in some way to this passage.  For example, in the margin of page 58, next to the passage that begins, “for all the kindness which her beauty might otherwise have excited . . . ” (fifth line from the top), I might write “31.”  On page 31, referring to one of his college teachers, Victor mentions “the amiable character of this man.”  Although “amiable”* does not primarily mean kind,  Justine’s kindness reminds me of Victor’s response to this more friendly of his two university professors.

*friendly, agreeable, sociable

In the allotted time, discuss with your partners as many of such connections as you can find.

60-minute exercise (independent writing)