This agenda is subject to immediate, unannounced changes; stay tuned.

15′ more to discover more links between RW’s letters and VF’s narrative, or begin Powerpoint presentations (n.b. TURNITIN only accepts Powerpoint files, not Keynote or other presentation formats)

Powerpoint: 3 slides, each of which has 1) a representative phrase from RW’s letter 2) page number and first three and last three words from VF’s narrative 3) visual image that represents the basic connection between portraits of RW and VF

use presentation to explain image and significance of connections between RW & VF

submit Pwrpt to TURNITIN

selected presentations

everyone composes independent emails: Walton’s letters and Frankenstein’s narrative–the most significant link for you

explain in email that replies to Mr. Brown’s most recent reply (if asked, please change subject line to prescribed label)  make the email clear, specific and developed

next exercise: Justine’s trial–what connection(s) does it have to the main story? It looks like an unnecessary tangent?  How does it contribute to the overall story?