work on Final Beowulf essay (If your document does not already have the revised integrity pledge at the very top, add it now–before continuing.)

Model paragraphs from “Revised Beowulf 700” are available for your review (see “Raw Materials” page of this blog)

re. feedback from a classmate: In or out of class, you may receive feedback from a member of your section.  If you exchange feedback during class, you MUST do it quietly enough for others to keep writing undisturbed.  MORE IMPORTANTLY, you MUST ACKNOWLEDGE the person who gave you feedback.  In the acknowledgment statement, name the source and specify the nature of any help you receive.

A Modest Proposal about deadline: If I am thinking clearly, it is possible and seems more fair, for both sections (C and D blocks) to have two class periods and two nights to complete this essay.  Everyone started in Tuesday’s class and had Tuesday night available.  Everyone has a block class, albeit on different days.  If everyone has Wednesday night, too, we are even-Steven.

Unless Wednesday’s C block group identifies a problem with this proposal, all essays will be due to TURNITIN by the end of D block Thursday (9:55am).