TASK (and purpose of task)

compose a paragraph in response to the first seven hundred lines of Beowulf

purpose: let students demonstrate (a) how well they understand the main narrative so far and (b) how clearly, and richly, they can express their depth of understanding


by the end of today’s class, submit to TURNITIN a paragraph response to the assigned question, following the “11-sentence” paragraph model (note that “11-sentence” appears in quotes, so that people feel free to use more than that exact number of total sentences; this model describes a basic structure, rather than requires a precise length)

On your document, write this version of the school pledge: I have neither given nor received unacknowledged help on this work.


I recommend you review these student models because they include my marginal comments about notable strengths: sound paragraph & tone in two poems


If you plan to use extended time, email me a description of when you propose to use that time between the end of this class and the start of the next.


read forward in the poem–toward this Friday’s assigned line, 989